You will be able to order from us, as of Friday 29th May through our website with collection from Westbourne Sandwich Co. 55 Seamoor Road, Westbourne. Dorset. 


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Our mission

Mighty Wieners exists to create the most delicious foods that also happen to be plant-based. We want to smash preconceptions of vegan food and create next level junk food that everyone can enjoy, whilst leaving as little impact on the planet as possible.   


We want Mighty Wieners to have as little effect on this planet as possible - we strive to be waste-free and we hate plastic! 


Our products are bought in bulk in fully recyclable packaging, or no packaging where possible. All our food waste is sent for composting and we aim to arrive to events with our products in sealed reusable containers and therefore create very little onsite waste.   


We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products. We do not use single use gloves and we have a hot water hand wash basin in our trailer instead.   


Our delicious food is served in fully compostable wraps with recycled paper napkins, and all our drinks, including water, are served in aluminium cans – no plastic or faux “compostable” packaging! 

About us

Mighty Wieners is founded by partners Kate Butterworth, a long-term vegan, an avid eater and cook, together with the vegan eating machine that is Chris Pepper. The pair where brought together by their joint love of eating food and their pack of rescue dogs, Kira, Cali & Ziggy!   


Kate has dreamt of running her own food business for a long, long time and has decided now is the time. She is a passionate cook and recipe developer. She has worked in the food industry for 20 years in sales & marketing but her passion in life is to cook vegan food that none vegans can’t believe is actually vegan. 

Chris has been eating food in vast quantities for the past 35 years. After starting his career in engineering, 6 years ago he decided to retrain as a chef, mainly so he has access to food 24 hours a day! For the past year he has been a chef and part of the food development team at South Coast Roast one of the UK’s best independent cafes.


Our vision is simple:

Create delicious food that happens to also be vegan

Our food 

We only use products we are proud of; that’s why we use the new Moving Mountains Hot Dog, they are soya and gluten free, made from plant-based ingredients, including sunflower seeds, and are then naturally smoked. We have tested them on vegans and carnivores with full approval from both! 


We worked hard sourcing a great bun to go with the wiener - they are glazed 8” of perfection. No dry oversized or cheap long-life buns here, thank you. Ours is just the right amount of baked deliciousness to handle the wieners with all their fillings. 


Talking of fillings, ours are all made in-house, our signature Nacho “Cheeze” sauce is made completely from scratch using fresh vegetables & seasonings, it’s a secret recipe that we are very proud of, the same goes for our lentil & black bean chilli. Excluding the Heinz Ketchup & French’s Mustard, our sauces are made in-house with tried and tested recipes. We are ALL about the flavour!      


The Wiener Wagon

We serve up our lovely Wieners from our eye-catching, fully branded and custom built Caterpod trailer. 

We run on gas & electricity. We can where necessary use a generator.


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